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About us

Why should you trust us with your financial planning?

Our story

Local Advisors

Our advisors live in the communities they work in. This gives them strong ties to the area and a better understanding of the needs of the people that live there. We love getting to meet with our clients face-to-face when they want to and are firm believers in giving back to the areas we call home. 

Strong Values

Honesty. Integrity. Loyalty.

These three words describe the foundation of our business. We believe in always telling our clients the truth (even if it's not what they want to hear), doing the right thing no matter what, and putting our clients' best interests before our own. 

Our values
Our history

Personal Touch

At Grace we believe that individual people deserve individual plans and not a one-size-fits all approach. This means that we get to know our clients on a personal level in order to better design a plan that meets your specific needs and wants.